Why Work With IMEX Sourcing Services?

Over the last few emails, we looked at how a sourcing company can help you reduce your costs and avoid risks and how you pick a sourcing company that fits your needs.With this last email of this series, I wanted to share a few quick points about why IMEX Sourcing could be an ideal partner in your sourcing journey if there is a fit.

Here’s a quick list of what makes IMEX Sourcing the best choice for helping medium to large sized companies scale their China importing business.

First to Source for E-Commerce

  • We were one of the first sourcing companies dedicated to sourcing primarily for e-commerce clients over six years ago when the FBA was just starting to take off.
  • Due to the founder’s background in e-commerce, our company speaks the same language as e-commerce sellers, understand their unique needs, and have created a lot of processes and systems to cater to the needs of large and mid-sized e-commerce businesses.


  • Sourcing is a highly fragmented industry with lots of freelance sourcing agents or small teams of three to five people.
  • These can be a great option for new importers who are just starting out and have more limited needs.
  • At IMEX, we have a team of about 15 people, with multiple account managers with backgrounds in different industries.
  • We also have a combination of Western employees and Chinese people, which further helps create the diversity and knowledge base required to deal with complex issues that mid-sized and larger importers face.

Over 50 years of combined Sourcing and QC experience

  • We have over 50 years of combined sourcing experience within our team.
  • We have seen everything that can go wrong with a project and have built systems, processes or contingency plans for those issues.
  • Things often go wrong with factories, and that can be a huge source of stress.
  • We help shield you from those experience so that they can focus on doing what they are best at which is scaling their companies and finding new products to launch.

Perfect for Mid-Sized and Large Sellers

  • Our systems and processes are designed for mid-to-large sized importers spending anywhere from $300,000 to $10M in annual imports from China.
  • We find that we are able to create most value for these sellers, as we have built our systems to meet the needs of these sellers – including the type of Account Managers we hire, the way our contract terms with factories are structured for quality control, etc.

Get in Touch


Our clients’ successes speak for themselves. We are more than happy to provide references, testimonials, case studies, and other demonstrations of how we help our clients achieve success in their importing.

Reach out to us or set-up a call with us to see how we can work together on future projects.