Emily Tse
Account Manager


Emily is regarded as the most “Efficient” person in our sourcing team. She moves quickly, responds to emails quickly and truly embodies our “Speed & Efficiency” value, while still being extremely detail oriented. With years of sourcing & QC experience, she has a talent for understanding client needs and ensuring they are reflected in the outcome of her products being manufactured under her watch.


1) What’s your hometown?

I am a Guangzhou local!

2) What kind of food do you like?

While I like many different types of food, I would have to say seafood (in general) is my favorite.

3) What do you do in your job in general?

My job is communicating with both clients and suppliers to ensure orders are smoothly processed with no major issues.

4) Why do you enjoy sourcing?

I enjoy communication with clients and suppliers. There is a fascinating element of connecting two worlds together to do business, and I’m happy to be in the center of that exchange.

5) What do you like most about working with IMEX?

IMEX has friendly colleagues with a good overall working environment – we are always learning new things and staying busy!

6) What do you do outside of work?

I like traveling. When traveling, I come across different people from many kinds of cultures and can talk to them to hear more interesting details about a life I have never known, and understand their experiences. Traveling also helps me in managing intercultural communication, as it allows me to be more attentive to my job and focus more on clients’ order requirements.

7) What can you do, and what can clients do, to ensure that the Sourcing Project has a perfect result?

We always do everything we can to serve our clients. Our business only succeeds when our clients succeed. We take care to source from the best suppliers, give the best quotes to our clients, and ensure our clients are satisfied with everything throughout the sourcing procedure. We are happy to hear more from our clients – giving us their detailed requirements before sourcing and giving us feedback if they are not satisfied with something allows us to do our jobs as best as we can.