David Wood
Client Relationship Manager

A committed “China Lifer,” David Wood works to bridge the Eastern and Western divide with his data scientist’s skill-set and general technological know-how. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington State University and finished his formal education with a Master’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame. He arrived in China in 2014, working in various roles and becoming fluent in Chinese.

At IMEX, he ensures that the work of the sourcing team is coordinated, analyzing data to see where improvements can be made in our systems and processes, and ensuring IMEX is always expanding its overall capabilities and efficiency. He personally spearheads the development of the 360 Client Portal, which allows Clients to instantaneously access all details of their sourcing projects through IMEX. He comprehensively understands the Sourcing Process, particularly the difficulties and frustrations importers experience as they try to work with the unfamiliar Chinese culture, and focuses much of his energy in reducing these issues and making the sourcing process as transparent as possible.

1) What’s your hometown?

I am originally from Anchorage, Alaska. It’s pretty cold there.

2) What kind of food do you like?

As an American, anything that tastes like home (high calorie and/or high sugar) is awesome. That being said, China has some of the best food in the world. Sichuan food (read: spicy) and street food (read: unhealthy) are among my favorites.

3) What do you do in your job in general?

I do a lot of different things, but mostly I focus on keeping our tech and systems up to date and planning IMEX’s various other projects.

4) Why do you enjoy sourcing?

I’ve always wanted to be at the center of the relationship between the Western and Chinese world. I once thought this would be in politics or policy, but the major relationship is through trade. It’s in international trade where the Sino-Western world grows and changes on a daily basis.

5) What do you like most about working with IMEX?

IMEX Sourcing Services has provided a lot of opportunities for professional growth. I’ve had to hone my personality to being as “cutting edge” and efficient as IMEX as a whole is.

6) What do you do outside of work?

Family life has recently started keeping me busy with a new baby girl born on August 2017. Outside of that, I would say I enjoy traveling to every corner of China/Asia, staying abreast of media/politics, reading the newest in business and fantasy, and some good old video games. I’ve also founded a venture called China Briefcase, which connects job seekers to opportunities within China.

7) What can you do, and what can clients do, to ensure that the Sourcing Project has a perfect result?

While I do not specifically handle sourcing, I know the biggest, number one thing is being very clear in your instructions to our team. They have wonderful English (no, really, their English has spoiled me while interacting with other English speaking Chinese in China), but if your writing is not clear to me as a native speaker, then obviously, it’s not likely to be easily understood by our sourcing team, either. This is especially important for new product developments. Clear communication on your requirements means fewer issues and also faster/more efficient work.

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Office Phone: +1 (206) 395-3100

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