What’s the Difference between “IMEX 360°  Sourcing” And Other Ad-Hoc Services?

IMEX Sourcing Services offers a variety of services to assist you in automating your China imports, though they can be split into two categories: our 360 Comprehensive Sourcing Service and our various individual services, like company verifications, audits, inspections, courier and freight services, consultations, and others.

The IMEX 360 Degree Sourcing Service is a comprehensive, integrated, fully outsourced sourcing, quality control and logistics solution.

We designed this service to allow you to do the following:

  • Eliminate manpower-intensive processes from your business.
  • Focus on “SCALING” business quickly by focusing on core-capabilities of your businesses such as marketing and sales.
  • Tap into our combined sourcing and QC experience of over 50 years, including business networks, databases of pre-audited suppliers, systems and processes, cultural and market knowledge, thereby reducing your costs and expensive quality control mistakes.
  • Reduce costs by taking advantage of an integrated sourcing and QC process, where cost savings can be achieved through sourcing lower prices, reducing return rate, consolidating shipments and payments, and minimization of noncompliace, fraud and other risks.
  • See all your sourcing endeavours, productions, shipments, couriers, and documents in a centralised dashboard on our 360 Portal.

Meanwhile our ad-hoc services are designed to help you with a specific part of the sourcing and QC Process.
However, their effectiveness is limited as they do not take advantage of the “synergies” that are generated through an integrated approach.

Consider the ad hoc Company Verification Service:

  • This is designed to carry out basic due-diligence on a supplier.
  • This is a great way to filter out fraudulent suppliers, traders claiming to be factories, and spot various other red flags.
  • However, these reports do not guarantee minimization of QC issues.
  • Genuine factories often have quality problems due to communication gaps and a lack of QC processes, which have nothing to do with being a verified company.

Consider the ad hoc Pre-Shipment Inspection Service.

  • This service is mainly designed to DETECT Quality Issues.
  • This does not PREVENT quality issues.
  • With an ad-hoc inspection, we would carry out an inspection and send the inspection report to the client.
  • If it fails, however, it’s up to you to resolve the issue.

Under the 360 service, we are involved with the process from day one:

  • Carry out background checks on suppliers
  • Shortlist the best supplier
  • Sign contracts depending on the supplier and the product/industry circumstances
  • Ensure contracts are in Chinese and stamped in accordance with the law
  • Manage payments
  • Manage day to day production
  • Inspect the goods
  • Resolve disputes if inspections don’t pass
  • Take care of the logistics
  • Help evolve the product over time as feedback from customers rolls in
  • Develop the supply chain to add new suppliers to ensure smooth scaling
  • Develop new products or add features to existing products.

This comprehensive process therefore takes care of quality control at every stage.

  • Preempts QC Issues
  • Detects QC Issues
  • Resolves QC Issues.

The key here is that each step is integrated with other steps in the process which leads to synergies which can not be generated through the ad-hoc services.

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