Why Should I Use a Sourcing Company When I Can Source Myself?

The 360 Sourcing Service is extremely useful, even if it doesn’t necessarily lower your per unit cost.

There are tons of small optimizations that we offer that accumulate into meaning that you can completely 100% automate your business.

Let’s take a look at some things that our 360 Service can help you do.


Focus on Core-Capabilities and Scaling the Business:

  • Sourcing and QC is time and manpower intensive work and impossible to automate.
  • Outsource your sourcing and QC enables you to focus on your core-capabilities which offers a better ROI on your time.
  • If you excel at analyzing data and spotting new product opportunities, do you really want to spend your time chatting with a supplier on Skype at 2AM trying to explain yourself in different ways due to the language barriers?

On the Ground Presence:

  • When you use IMEX Sourcing Services, we become your office in China and your supplier.
  • We move the sourcing process much faster as we are on the same time-zone as the factories (we can just pick up the phone and call them to get things done).
  • This is critical when things go wrong with suppliers such as in the event of a failed inspection and the supplier refuses to re-work the goods.
  • Emails are often ineffective in such situations and the only way to resolve seems to be to talk to them on the phone or visit them in person in worst case scenarios.

Access to better pricing:

  • We are often able to get access to lower prices than someone sitting in a different country sourcing via online platforms or even trade shows.
  • This is due to factors like being able to speak Chinese, ability to work with factories, and finding factories through guanxi (关系, “connections”).
  • These are important factors in China, due to the significant language barriers and a relationship based business-culture.
  • We have been able to reduce products costs from anywhere between 5% and 15%.
  • However, it is important that “cutting costs” is never the primary reason for hiring a sourcing and QC company and always secondary to QC and compliance.

Access to cultural knowledge and language resources:

  • Most of the time when issues happen with suppliers, it’s not due to the bad-intent of a supplier.
  • Rather, the issues come from miscommunication and language and cultural barriers.
  • Having an understanding of the language and culture allows us to resolve these issues without damaging the relationships and also avoid them in the first place.

Systems and processes:

  • Seven years on the ground in China, with a combined sourcing experience of over 50 years, and sourcing products across industries, we have faced almost everything that can go wrong with deals with factories in China and refined these systems and processes.
  • You are able to utilize these resources when you outsource your sourcing and QC operations to us.


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