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“We will source (find/vet suppliers, quotes, and samples) for FREE any product you have spent 100K in purchases over a 12 month period…
Effectively, a free price check on your supply chain and allow you to identify whether you can overhaul your importing management via our 360 Comprehensive Service.” ($250 Savings)

For over six years, IMEX Sourcing Services has been improving ROI and helping companies scale by providing 360 Comprehensive Sourcing – a complete, all-encompassing Sourcing QC & Project Management service. It means our team of industry experts manages everything – from sourcing a supplier all the way through to managing customs clearance and logistics – and addresses all the critical points in the process. We essentially become our clients’ office and representatives in China.



Jeff Rendek

I’ve been working with IMEX Sourcing for over 3 years now and have received several shipments from them. I must say it’s a breath of fresh air to have a detail oriented team working for me in China

Having a team on the ground and sourcing factories and inspecting my products has been great & their communication with factories is wonderful. I’m glad they have the relationships to work things through even when products fail QC and are there to make things right.

Jeff RendekCanada, Xtreme Sport DV Ltd.
Curt Storring

After a sour experience with a Chinese company, finding the IMEX team has been great. They did absolutely everything for me from finding suppliers to finding a reputable FBA warehouse in the US. They get things done efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy. They are always my #1 recommendation for anyone who is looking for help in China.

Curt StorringCanada, Amazon Seller
Luke Baldacchino

When I started talking to IMEX, I was having trouble finding a reliable supplier for one of my best-selling products. IMEX has helped free up of time to focus on marketing my products rather than dealing with quality control and logistical nightmares. I now sell this product in two countries and with the new QC standards set in place by IMEX, they’re selling better than ever.

If you’re looking for a team with boots on the ground in China, I couldn’t recommend IMEX enough.

Luke BaldacchinoUK, E-Commerce Seller



If you have access to this URL, we’re offering a completely free inquiry to determine if this service can improve your ROI – by seeing if we can get a lower per unit cost on any good you’re currently sourcing.

Normally, we charge an upfront “Sourcing Initiation Fee” for us to research your product, check suppliers, negotiate prices, return quotes, and send samples to you – sometimes a process that takes months.

But we’ll do this for FREE for up to three products on which you’ve spent at least $100,000 importing from China in a single year.

We’ll run the inquiry through our vetted supplier networks to see if we can lower the unit cost. And that’s before we provide our value in terms of outsourcing and managing the whole sourcing process, saving you all the time, hassle, and difficulties in interfacing directly with your Chinese supplier while ensuring rigorous quality control of your projects.

There’s even a chance that the cost savings will be so great that our service pays for itself, even before the savings from not having to personally manage China are considered.



Our standard company contact form can be found below.

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  • In “Your Message,” specify the details of the product you would like us to source. Include this text: “Offer Code: 100K360.”

Afterwards, our company will be in touch with to verify your product details, purchase volumes, clarify any questions we have about your product, and then proceed to see if you qualify this offer.

No risk to you, but potentially massive rewards.

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