360° Portal FAQ

I don’t see my Sourcing/Projects/Documents on the Portal.

Please get in touch with your Account Manager and let them know you’re missing something – and what exactly you’re missing. All Sourcing Initiatives and Projects initiated in 2017, along with their related documents and invoices, should be online and available.

Now that I have a 360° Portal Account, will I still receive email communications from the IMEX Team?

Of course. The Portal is a supplement to our existing operations, and nothing in our business model is changing, other than adding this suite of features for your convenience. Otherwise, the business flow you are familiar will continue to remain the same.

When will the 360° Portal have X or Y feature?

As fast as possible. We are rapidly developing the Portal and are adding new features on almost weekly basis. If you would like to have some feature implemented, please leave feedback via the Portal’s feedback form.

I would like to report an issue with 360° Portal.

Please report what issue you encountered via the Feedback Form on the Portal.