Cash on Delivery Services

Cash On Delivery Service


One of the challenges many of our customers faced was trusting Chinese suppliers they found online with their payments, to purchase samples or small lots of goods. Therefore we introduced the Cash on Delivery (COD) service.


This is a very simple service which significantly reduces the risk for our clients of not receiving the goods or receiving substandard goods and provides savings if multiple payments need to be made to the same supplier or small amounts need to be paid to multiple suppliers.


Update: Cash on Delivery is now offered as part of our “Consolidation Service”.


Benefits of the COD Service


  • We only pay your suppliers after we have received and checked the goods at our premises, thereby ensuring that :

a.       Goods are actually delivered and eliminating fraud suppliers who disappear after collecting payments.

b.      Goods are checked before the payment is made to the courier delivery person.
(Please note detailed product inspection for complex products such as technology products is not possible through this service. Please use our Pre-Shipment Inspection service for this purpose).

  •  If you need to pay multiple suppliers, you can send us the payment as one single payment, thereby incurring bank transfer charges only once.
  • Savings on Courier/Freight Charges through goods consolidation: If you receive several small shipments from multiple suppliers, you would be paying much higher freight charges as opposed to shipping them as one consolidated lot. The difference can be as much 300% in many cases, as each freight quote has a “fixed” as well as “variable” element. By sending the goods as one lot, the fixed element of the freight cost is only paid once. This can result in huge cost savings and thereby make buying from China a lot more economical. In terms of cost savings achieved from our COD service this has to be the most important factor.
  • Many Chinese suppliers cannot accept “convenient” forms of payments such as Paypal. We accept these forms of payments, thereby making the transaction process simpler for our clients.


How does it work?


  • You finalize the order with all your suppliers and agree to COD as the payment term using our address as the shipping address.
  • Once you know the total value of goods, you pay us the total value of the goods.
  • We coordinate with your supplier & pay them after goods arrive at our address and go through a quick check to ensure they are same as the description provided by the you.
  • Once we have received the goods from all your suppliers we consolidate them as one package/shipment and get the best shipping/courier quotes using our “high volume courier accounts” with shipping agents and thereby passing on the cost savings to our customer.
  • We prepare all necessary documentation for exports (Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading/Airway Bill, Invoices, Packing Lists, etc.) & ship your goods out.


For more details about this service, please contact us with details of your requirements & nature of goods.