Thailand Company Verificiation Service

IMEX Liaisons Group’s Thailand company verification & background check service is designed to help importers verify the identity of the company/suppliers they are dealing with, so that they can have full confidence before making any large sums of payments to the suppliers or entering into any contracts.


Normally, companies that are not genuine can be broadly classified into two categories:


  • Fraudulent companies or individuals that only operate with the sole intention of getting payments and disappearing. Unfortunately, with the current legal system, once the payment has been sent to the supplier, it is extremely difficult to recover it, even if no goods were ever dispatched by the supplier, especially if the payment is sent from outside of Thailand.
  • Companies that do exist and will dispatch products upon receipt of payment, however the quality of the goods would be substantially substandard and inconsistent with the sample or specifications advertised by the company. This enables the companies to exponentially increase their profit margins while still legally being above to prove that the goods were delivered.


Therefore it is imperative to manage these two import risks by taking appropriate measures. The measures taken should reflect the value and volume of the import consignments.


We help eliminate the first risk by carrying out a thorough verification of the company to ensure that the company being dealt with is genuine, physically exists where it claims to be and is registered with the relevant government departments. This ensures that most of the fake individual sellers claiming to large companies, manufacturers or traders are identified as well as ensures that companies with a previous track record of fraud are verified before any payments are sent to them.


We have two levels of background check services, details of which can be found below:


  • We check a company’s background through several sources such as checking government records, references, verifying various contact numbers, factory visits, verifying documents and various other means. 
  • We have different levels of background checking services depending on the transaction volume as well as the importer’s requirements.


Please contact us for more details about our Thailand Company Verification Services.