China Company Verification Service

IMEX Liaisons Group’s China company verification and background check service can protect you from online scammers and pretenders who seem to be everywhere online.


We can protect you by confirming and verifying any company or supplier before you sign contracts or make payments. Think of it as your personal insurance policy against fraud and deception.


China offers you great potential to source a wide variety of quality products at competitive prices. Unfortunately, it also exposes you to a large number of “fly-by-night” companies and fraudulent individuals claiming to be legitimate suppliers.

Here are the two categories you need to guard against:


1.     Companies and individuals whose sole aim is to pique your interest, get you to enter into a transaction with them – and then disappear with your money. These criminal fraudsters give you nothing, except for a very bad taste for Chinese business practices and a loss of your investment.

China’s current legal system makes it almost impossible to recover your payment, especially if it was sent from outside Mainland China.  This is true even if the “supplier” didn’t even send you any goods.


2.     Companies that do exist and who will send you products upon receipt of your payment. The problem is these goods are substandard and not at all representative of the samples you received or specifications the company advertised.

These companies enjoy increased profit margins as a result of furnishing such inferior products. Not only that but they can defend themselves by proving they delivered goods. They then hide behind non-existent or unenforceable contracts written in English.

That’s why IMEX always writes supplier contracts in Mandarin, which are recognized by Chinese courts.


You must take appropriate measures to protect yourself against these two types of risk. These measures should reflect the value and volume of the import consignments.


We help you eliminate the first risk by thoroughly verifying the company. We take several measures to ensure the company is genuine, physically exists where it claims to, and is registered with the relevant government departments.

This weeds out most of the individual sellers claiming to be large companies, manufacturers or traders. It also uncovers those companies with a previous track record of fraud before you move forward and send them any money.


We refer to several sources when checking a company’s background. We might search government records, industry and personal references, verify various contact numbers, make factory visits, and verify other available documents. 


The bottom line: we are on the ground, deal with suppliers and factories on a daily basis and can be your local eyes and ears. We will steer you away from the pretenders and introduce you to the real, quality manufacturers here in China.


Please contact us for more details about our China Company Verification Services.