Freight & Door to Door Service

IMEX has been providing door to door services for its sourcing clients via our 360 Degree Sourcing service for a few years now, especially to our clients in UK & Australia. We now also provide “Freight Only” services for FCL customers. We are able to offer highly attractive prices on FCL sea freight (for 20 Ft, 40 Ft & 40HQ containers).


We have especially helped our clients in UK & Australia, save anywhere from $100 - $450 in sea freight on FCL Shipments compared to the pricing they get locally in their country. Please drop us an email with details of your Port of loading, destination, nature of goods and delivery dates, to see how our freight rates compare to your existing agents.


For our clients in UK, India & Australia, we are able to provide “door to door” services, i.e. getting the goods from the factory, customs clearing & road transportation both in China & destination country, as well as sea freight. This service is available for FCL clients & LCL Clients who use our 360 Degree Sourcing Service.


Door to Door service may be available for some other countries also, please contact us for availability to your country.