China Sample Consolidation Service

IMEX Sourcing Service’s China Sample Consolidation Service is an offshoot of our China Consolidation Service with the main difference being that it is designed for “samples” rather than bulk goods.  This service is designed to cut logistics/courier costs when you need samples from various suppliers for a single product or for several different products.


Most regular importers are aware how expensive it can get to send samples back & forth in terms of courier costs therefore as part of this service, we can also check the samples to ensure there are no “obvious faults” with them before dispatching them to the client, so that problematic samples can be spotted early and sent back to the supplier.


This helps in eliminating courier costs involved in sending the samples to destination & back.


Main benefits include:

  1. Helping our clients to substantially reduce their “logistics costs” by consolidating their samples from different suppliers into one central location
  2. Allow clients to further lower their logistics costs, especially when shipping by FCL or Air Courier by using our high volume accounts & get access to lower pricing
  3. Help clients reduce their “Bank Costs” by sending us a single payment as opposed to multiple international payments.
  4. Reducing “Fraud Risk”
  5. Reducing their “payment risks”, particularly with new suppliers by using safer payment options
  6. Checking samples & packaging to ensure that there are no obvious faults with the samples.


For more details about our “China Sample Consolidation Service” please Contact Us.