China Pre Shipment Inspection Service

As an ever increasing number of importers find their suppliers information online and close transactions without any physical communication, it also opens up possibilities of fraud & delivery of sub-standard goods. This is where a China Pre-Shipment Inspection can greatly reduce this risk for the importer, especially when it is agreed in advance with the supplier.


Pre-Shipment Inspection (Also known as “Final Random Inspection” (FRI)) is one of our most popular quality control services. PSI is provided both as an ad-hoc service as well as part of the 360 degree sourcing service. With pre-shipment inspection an IMEX inspector would visit the factory (or supplier’s warehouse) and physically inspect the goods after completion of at least 80% of production (or 100% depending on client requirements). 


As a third party inspection company IMEX only uses trained quality control inspectors who ensure that the goods conform to the standards set by the client and agreed with the supplier.


Inspectors use the latest testing methodologies & our intensive inspection experience ensures that defective or sub-standard products are spotted before you make the final payment to your supplier.


Some of the key inspection criteria include quantity, appearance of products, workmanship, production functions, colours, dimensions, weight, labeling & logos, packaging, and any other specific requirements as requested by client.


Why IMEX Sourcing Services?

  • Safety: Our trained inspectors ensure international quality control procedures are followed and strict standards applied to all inspections
  • Experience: Our experience of various industries as well as that of dealing with Chinese manufacturers adds further value to the process
  • Inspector Network: IMEX has an extensive network of inspectors covering most major industrial cities of China which enables us to carry out inspections in most parts of China
  • Dedicated Account Manager: You will be allocated a dedicated account manager with good English communication ability to ensure that communication is never a barrier
  • Sample Collection: We can collect sample’s on your behalf during the inspection lot & courier them out to you
  • Client Involvement: All Inspection Checklists are sent to client for approval before inspection
  • Reporting: Get a detailed PDF report covering various aspects of the inspection, pictures & our recommendations, so that you can decide whether to accept or reject a shipment
  • Speed: A PSI can be scheduled within 48 hours in most cases
  • Quality Standards: We use internationally recognized AQL levels for all quality inspections. Clients can also set their own acceptable quality tolerance levels (As agreed with their suppliers).
  • Reference Samples: We always encourage our clients to send a “reference sample” wherever possible, as it tells the inspector exactly what the product should look like and how it should function.