Sourcing Manager

  • 5 Day Working Week. Saturday & Sunday Off.
  • Holidays as per National Holidays declared by the Govt.
  • Attractive Salary.
  • English Speaking working Environment.
  • This position is open to both Chinese & Foreign Candidates who can speak Mandarin.

About Us:

We are a Sourcing & Quality Control company working with clients across the globe but mainly in the US & UK to help them manage their imports from China and design new products in China. Most of our clients tend to be “E-Commerce” sellers in the US & UK. We have a completely English working environment in the company, including all documentation, training materials and software to be used in English.

We have a completely English working environment in the company, including all documentation, training materials and software to be used in English.

While we have been around for over 6 years, we are a young company with a dynamic culture and we are working hard to create a Culture, where people love getting out of the bed every morning and coming to work.

We are a fast-growing company looking for ambitious people who would like to be part of that growth. We especially interested in people with strong “problem-solving” skills in the sourcing industry who have the ambition to get into management.

We also run the Hardware Massive Guangzhou group.

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Job Location: NO. 2 HuaQiang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.


To help the account manager (Senior sourcing executive) with day to day sourcing activities such as sourcing suppliers, negotiating with factories, signing contracts with suppliers,

We are a Sourcing & Quality Control company located close to Guangzhou East Station in Tianhe District and are looking for a “Sourcing Manager” to manage our sourcing team. This job requires both “Sourcing” & “Management” experience.  Our sourcing team is engaged in providing sourcing, quality control as well as “customer service” to our customers/importers.

The role will involve managing the entire sourcing team for the efficient operation of the company & provide help to other departments within the company when needed.

English is “very important” as you will be reporting to foreign manager and most of the written documentation work in the company is done in English.


Essential Requirements:

We would ideally prefer someone who has experience working in a “sourcing company” sourcing products across multiple industries. Experience with products like computer & home electronics, kitchenware, furniture etc. will be preferable.

We are looking for someone with a Positive, happy & ambitious attitude & looking to hire an “Ambitious” person who would be able to learn fast and is able to manage a team of about 4-5 people to begin with. We are a company that believes in a “Work Hard” & “Play Hard” attitude and we are looking for people who have the same philosophy.

  • Minimum 5 years of “sourcing” experience in a sourcing or trading company sourcing products across different industries.
  • Management Skill: Good management skill is key for this position. We are looking for someone who can not only manage but also motivate a team to work hard & achieve set objectives.
  • Good level of English is very important.
  • Good knowledge of Excel.
  • Good “internet search” skills are very important in order to effectively find new suppliers & information.
  • Desire to work with “Various products” from “Various Industries”. This position currently does not involve specialising in one “specific product” so we are looking for candidates who enjoy the challenge of working with various different products. After you have been with the company for a while, it may lead to you specialising in one of the positions.
  • Good negotiation skills are essential for this position, as it would involve negotiating with suppliers.
  • Technology Orientation: We are a company that relies heavily on using “technology” to get things done faster & better. Therefore, we are keen on hiring people who enjoy learning the use of new software & technology and are able to pick-up new software quickly.
  • Strong Project Management skill.

Preferable Requirements:

  • Knowledge of home electronics industry would be extremely useful but is not essential.
  • Experience sourcing for UK & US Clients would be preferable as they are our main markets.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managing the sourcing team and reporting to the General Manager.
  • Being the account manager for “High-Priority” customers.
  • Ensuring the sourcing team is closing its projects successfully & on-time.
  • Finding information about & being aware of all sourcing & logistics related export regulations.
  • Developing and maintain key relationships such as with logistics partners, agents and most importantly factories.
  • Ensuring there is no corruption within the sourcing team.
  • Making research reports about suppliers, by finding information from various sources.

Application Procedure: