Quality Control Services for Industrial Chemicals

As many experienced chemical importers from China might be aware that while China is a great source for importing industrial chemicals, it is also infamous for frequent stories of fraud in this industry. There are two forms of fraud companies that are often seen in this industry.


  • Fly-By-Night Companies: These are companies that offer quotes that can be anywhere from 50% to 100% cheaper than the existing market prices. For e.g. if the existing price for a particular chemical in the market today was $3100/MT, these suppliers would offer prices in the range of $1600 - $2600. Most customers who fall prey to such companies are new importers who are not aware of the prevailing market prices or are fresh to importing from China. These companies would usually just send any junk that would be a fraction of the cost of the chemical, to the client upon receiving the payment and then would simply disappear, stop communication or register their company with a new business name every few days. Our research shows that this kind of fraud is a lot more prevalent in the Chemical Industry as opposed to other industries.
  • Suppliers providing products that are not consistent with the Technical Data Sheet (TDS): The other form of fraud occurs when the suppliers quoted price would usually be about 10% to 25% cheaper than the market price. These suppliers usually procure the chemicals from genuine manufacturers and mix them with other lower cost chemicals. This allows these suppliers to reduce the product cost and have very attractive prices.


Needless to say neither of the above two types of suppliers have long term ambitions and are usually in the business for short-term gains.


Our experience of identifying such suppliers, as well as the knowledge and experience of our chemicals division (www.imexchemicals.com) motivated us to provide “quality control” services particularly aimed at clients importing “industrial chemicals” from China. Through this service, we use a wide array of measures to ensure that:


1.    Such suppliers are identified early before any payments are made to them.

2.    The final product provided by the supplier is consistent with the technical data sheet.


IMEX Sourcing works with several specialized chemical testing labs across China specializing in testing of various chemicals. We work with some of the best labs in China, with equipment to check several metrics of different chemicals.


We have also developed an elaborate quality control system suited to the chemicals industry which enables us to substantially reduce the risk of importing chemicals from China.


If you are looking to import chemicals from China and would like to get more details of how we work. Please get in touch with us through the “contact us” page on this site.