360 Degree Sourcing Service

Shortlisting a supplier may be your primary objective, but without quality control and import cost management systems in place at the outset, your project will face many challenges, and your import success could be placed in jeopardy.  You could lose precious time AND money.


We designed our 360 Degree Sourcing Serviceto help guide, counsel, and protect you in these areas. 

It’s our most complete, all-encompassing sourcing service. It takes you systematically from sourcing a supplier all the way through to managing customs clearance and logistics – and addresses all the critical points in the process.


For countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, where most of our clients are located, we can deliver the goods to your door. We manage customs clearance and logistics on both ends, in China, and your destination country.


When you use our 360 Degree Sourcing Service, you can focus your efforts on marketing your business, your core expertise, and leave your sourcing & supply chain management, our core expertise, to us.




·        Study client’s sourcing requirement briefand create an appropriate sourcing strategy.


·        Supplier Selection: We either go to known and trusted suppliers or find new ones based on your needs. We eliminate middlemen to reduce costs and more importantly the quality and customization limitations.


We work with only High Value Factories, factories that provide the best combination of PRICE and QUALITY based on your preferences.


·        Supplier Shortlisting & Verification: Our in-house processes identify and vet suppliers to match your quality, cost, and delivery time requirements. Our verification procedures weed out fly-by-night companies and traders claiming to be manufacturers. Payment risks are reduced by negotiating and confirming payment requirements and procedures.


·        Negotiation: Using our Chinese bilingual negotiators and eliminating middlemen, we can often reduce prices by 5% to 50%. Our existing relationships with factories can provide you with preferential prices.


·        Mandarin Contracts: We sign contracts in Mandarin with factories on your behalf. This is one of our strongest quality control (QC) levers since English language contracts have no value in Chinese courts. These contracts include quality control & risk management clauses based on our years of experience dealing with manufacturers in China.


·        Follow Up: Your IMEX account manager communicates with the factory routinely to ensure deadlines, packaging, and all other quality criteria are met. After all, one bad shipment can quickly rob you of all your profits from 10-20 prior good shipments.


·       Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) and Quality Control (QC): This ensures goods are exactly as per sample and/or contract terms. We help identify/rectify any other quality related issues PRIOR to shipment.


·       Shipping and Documentation: IMEX arranges all necessary documents such as COA’s, CO’s, and CE certificates and any and all other product specific certifications. We also arrange the trucking, customs clearance and shipping of all goods.


For some countries, such as the UK, Australia, and USA, we are able to provide door to door services, including customs clearing in both China and your country.


·        Logistics Planning: Logistics management is critical to reduce costs when dealing with multiple suppliers. We use product consolidation and other services to keep your logistical costs in check.


·        Sample Management: We help regular customers research new products, consolidate samples from different suppliers and discover new opportunities.


·       Consolidation:As part of our 360 Degree Sourcing service, we can consolidate goods from multiple suppliers, free of cost, to reduce your costs.


·        Other Miscellaneous Services: We ensure that your goods are safely delivered to your destination and manage any issues that occur during the process. We usually do not charge for any contingencies unless third party expenses are incurred.




Our clients range from experienced large importers, wholesalers and manufacturers to small, Less than Container Load (LCL) importers. The former have sourced raw materials for their finished goods and dealt with Chinese suppliers for years.


We also work with many Amazon and eBay power sellers & understand their unique needs extremely well. In addition, we offer ad hoc consulting, delivered in-person or via Skype, to answer and advise you on specific needs.


We have helped several new importers start to import from China, guiding them to avoid the many pitfalls that new importers generally face.  We see it as our duty to not only assist them with their importing needs, but to educate them as well. We show them how to maximize their leverage and minimize their costs. Our Blog is also written with this objective in mind.


Most often these clients recover our fees through the cost savings we help them achieve as a result of our knowledge of the manufacturing/importing processes and our presence ‘on the ground’. An in-country presence and the use of fully bilingual Chinese staff reduces costs and improves margins.


We often help new clients who are just beginning to import from China. We can help them find local suppliers with lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) than many factories impose. This ability to source smaller quantities opens the door for many importers who could not otherwise meet lager factory MOQs. Finding these suppliers can be very difficult for importers on their own, as many of these suppliers are not available online.


We help companies with complex products, requiring significant customization and tweaking. Such customization is often aided by having our fully bilingual staff communicating with your supplier. As well, we can help you if you are involved in New Development projects. We work with suppliers who specialize in this area, making your job much easier and less risky.


We are a process-driven company. We have devised a systematic approach to the entire sourcing process. As a result, we can better control all stages of the manufacturing cycle, resulting in a smoother, more trouble-free experience for you.


For a more detailed understanding of the 360 Degree Sourcing Serviceand how it could help you, please drop us an email with details of your requirements.




Both first-time importers and large companies who have imported for years can derive value from our importing experience, proven systems and expertise. Here’s how:


IMPROVED SOURCING: We only identify High Value Factories, those that provide the optimum combination of price and quality based on YOUR needs.


QUALITY CONTROL:Don’t lose all your profits from 10-20 shipments with 1 BAD shipment.


OUTSOURCED PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We can save you time and let you focus on your strengths. We can be your China office and oversee the entire import project, from identifying a supplier to getting the goods to your door.


DISPUTE MANAGEMENT:Problems happen. We speed resolution by writing Mandarin contracts, employees who are bilingual Chinese nationals, and ongoing contact with factories and thorough inspections.

IMEX INNER CIRCLE: Regular clients become members of our Inner Circle and get access to product recommendations which we find in dealing with our orbit of manufacturing factories as well as uncover during various trade fairs that we regularly attend.


Contact us today to discuss your projects and needs.